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Saturday, November 08, 2003

I had this dream last night,

that I was walking through a crowded lobby and everyone was knitting.

It was quite fun and astounding and very surprising. People, mostly women were knitting fuzzy scarves, pretty sweaters and it was so pleasant. Maybe my subconcious idea of heaven, who knows.....

I am making progress on the hat for Leif. After I had my endoscopy yesterday (where they stick a cameral down your throat) and with no sedatives! I got to come home and hang with the kids on an in-service day and knit for awhile. Lots of fun.

I plan to pick up a new camera battery today and will post some digital photos, I promise!

Monday night is another dyeing day at Color Creek, but I need to prepare and come up with some ideas!

Off to do some laundry and prepare my speech for the architects conference I am making today. What a combo!...Later....

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Yikes!Going out of town really messes you up.....

Got back late night Sunday, after nearly a week in N'Orleans!!!

Had a great time and even checked out a knitting store, never did get the name of it, but it was just a block or two from Jackson Square in the French Quarter.

I went twice, once alone, once with my friend Claire, and both times the place was busy with people learning to knit.

They specialized in a lot of fancy, novelty yarns. One of particular note was raw silk from India. Apparantly it was leftover ends from saris mashed together, very dense but very silk feeling.

$45 a skein!

I should have but I didn't.....could not think of anything to knit from it. It was very pretty, but multi-colored which does not always appeal to me.

Do you really think you have to take responsibility for everything? As you read this, a tsetse fly is going off course somewhere in Africa and someone has a flat tire in Alaska. There's nothing you can do, so why not stick to yourknittinginstead?

That was our horoscope for the Page a Day Virgo horoscope for November 4.

I loved the Alaska reference and of course the knitting!

Got going on Leif's hat again,so need to get crusing on that........later