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Sunday, July 04, 2004

OOOOeeeuuuwww - I am so excited, I figured out how to add a counter, and 4 people have actually looked at my web site.

Went to the Girdwood (Alaska) Forest Fair today. Always a fun hippie type place to go. My favorite potter, Romney Dodd was not there, she has probably outgrown the fair, her works are gorgeous.

At another booth, a young woman had some lovely hanks of natural wool for salewanted $30 each, too bad my family was not in the mood for me to bargain or chat. Acutally, I would have asked more questions, but when I walked up there was a young girl at the stall and a young man came up at the same time, we both said hi, but she only had eyes for him......oh well, love is young, she needed a man more than a sale. It was kind of cute.

There were at least 4 booths with scarves - a very thin, 3" wide scarf, knit with 2 strands, a soft novely yarn and a gold one (my daughter was admiring) $30. I also meant to mention that at the museum the other day I saw some of the webby novelty yarn scarves I have been knitting, they were exactly the same and priced at $65!!!!!

I think I shall knit Rick's cousin Elin, in Norway, a scarf for Christmas. I think she would like it.

Happy 4th!


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