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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Okay, so that shawl I was thinking about.

How to decide the weight the color? perplexing

I wish I were more like my daughter, she is only 12 and she can just decide immediately on the color or style of something, of course she has no money, so the thought of buying as many of or as much as she wants does not phase her. Perhaps I will ask her.

I had decided to make a shawl, even bought the Folk Shawls book. But could not find the yarn anywhere. So I made a trek down to Knitting Frenzy, and Sandy mentioned that there were a lot of mistakes in the book. Hmmmm, since I have never knitted anything like this I really do not want mistakes. So I found another pattern. It was actually one I had been admiring in the Woolens catalog anyways - it is a Fiber Trends pattern for the River Shawl. Looks pretty in blue.

Then we got to talking about yarn, and Sandy said she would not even touch lace weight yarn, and she showed me something similar, since she does not even carry it. yikes was it fine!!!!! So I guess I have answered it for myself, I will find something and knit it heavier, but color!!!! She had a cool pink cashmere blend, but it would cost over $ I don't want to look like I am wearing a baby blanket......Zoya, wake up!!!!!


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