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Thursday, October 23, 2003

As if I didn't have enough projects.....

I am thinking of starting yet another sweater......

Its all my friend Stephanie's fault, she was telling me about a funnel neck sweater she started last year back in DC. I guess it was supposed to be a sleeveless tank, funnel neck and she was going to add on the arms, the knitting store folks were going to help her, but she never got that far before she moved back to Anchorage. In fact, she is now thinking that the sweater might be too small.

I am thinking - gauge!but don't want to be too pushy.

So I got out my Twisted Sisters book last night 'cause its got some cool funnel necks and loaned it to her.

but first I photocopied a pattern for a really quick knit sweater, its a crewneck sweater, 2 1/4 stitches to 1 inch. They did it in #17 needles and it looks yummy in the book because they used a variegated yarn.

So what good are gift certificates to the Knitting Frenzy for but to use? Think I will stroll down there on Saturday and torture the children......

Rick is participating in an all day charette for Artists for the Anchorage Museum - which should be interesting - Rick did not know that a charette was to get togehter in a group and design a facility. At least I assume that is what they are doing. Should be interesting with a bunch of artists!

The design professionals in town are sending a few Landscape Architects and Architects just to watch. Should be fun.

Will update with a photo of what I get......I think I need something to do on the airplane! I leave on Monday night for sunny New Orleans! L