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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Forgot to change the needle, eh???

I got done with the front of my bulky sweater and then broke out in a cold sweat, I had knit the whole front of the sweater with the smaller needle, completing ignoringthe instructions that called to "change to larger needle" arrrgggghhh.

Looked at it a couple of times and half heartedly measured, but I may have to gasp rip out the entire front of the sweater!!!!!

all those lovely, fat cables!!!

So, in the words of Emily Latilla, never mind, on with the sleeves, knitting them both at once, and dagnabit, I managed to change to the correct size needles!

.......Think I'll wait til Jere gets back from Hawaii to further assess the damage.


Sunday, July 13, 2003

Gotta knit, gotta knit, gotta knit knit is it hot in Alaska!!!!almost too hot to pick up itchy, scratchy lopi bulky yarn.....I am casting off and shaping the neck, want to get this done so I can knit the sleeves - thinking of doing two at a time.....

I was talking to Terryl the other day, she is one of my knit buddies at work, and realizing that we really need to start Christmas projects, so I am planning to cast on for the fuzzy feet pattern that Knitty had featured last winter. If they turn out, I will make a few presents for my buds and cousin, and others.

Back to the weather - it is at least 70 degrees at our house - since we live in the Rabbit Creek area, hillside, in Anchorage, it is usually at least 5-10 degrees cooler here, but man what a heat wave. unbelievable, I even go sun burnt painting trim on the house.

I am still trying to plan a knit out. need to get going on that as well. Spent last Friday at the Alaska Junior Theater, volunteering to sew costumes. My kids are involved in it, and I volunteered on my day off. I was busy working under Guy, a costume designer from New York. I ended up sewing Huck Finn's pants. Guy had boiled some wool fabric, then cut out pants. I sewed them up, added an over one shoulder suspender (frayed on the side) then sewed up all the seams with yarn to make it look like Huck had sewn them. Man they were really cool! I really had a great time and really wished I had persued my first love, costume design......more later. Love to all. L