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Sunday, June 06, 2004

All righty, back in the saddle again!

So we took a road trip to Homer, a four hour drive, and I took my wild sweater with me. This is the one of the Lana Grossa Inserto yarn - a wool and polyamid yarn I bought on sale, its from a European magazine and is a rust colored yarn, all crinkly, that changes to green, grey and brownish. Very pretty, very yummy.

I finally figured out the rest of the front - I don't know why it had me stumped, I think I just needed some time to figure it out -

Then, even had the correct tools with me, scissors, a needle, tape measure (not needed in that particular order of course). this pattern is to stitch the front and back at the shoulders and then pick up for the sleeves and knit down. I even had a book with me - Stitch n Bitch, to remind myself how to weave the shoulders together and pick up the sides. I usually just wing it, but it looks so much better when you do it the correct way.

Then of course I misunderstood the directions for decreasing, the way they described it was to knit 2 together 2 times each side, but I got down to the bottom and of course realized I would have to be a stick person, which I am not, to fit it. I even tried to check with math, but read the chart wrong for number of stitches. I should know better when they translate stuff.

So back to redoing the arm - you know it wouldn't feel right if I did not rip things out.....

I will try and post a picture of me and my salmon and the sweater.


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