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Saturday, January 31, 2004

But where are the yarn shops?

I am planning our trip to Norway/London and Paris.

I had originally searched on the web for the Knitters tour of Scandanavia, just to see where the knitters are going. So they are going to Bergen, and I am going to Stavanger, actually, Utstein Kloster, an island. According to the maps I have looked at, Stavanger is the end of the road, Bergen is a fjord away with no actual road between.

Oh well, I think there are sheep on the farm on the islan. Hope to at least find a yarn store, since Rick's cousin has promised to take me to one.

I have not been knitting on my sweater, but will get back to it soon. Too many things, skiing and cub scouts and trying to pick hotels in cities I have never been to are daunting.

I have also decided to rip out the neck on my alpaca, I originally used the wrong needle - it was too big and it just does not look right. Now to just buy the correct size needle! All it takes is the correct equipment. You can see on the photo below that my neck matches Jere's neck, so that's cool.