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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Yikes!Going out of town really messes you up.....

Got back late night Sunday, after nearly a week in N'Orleans!!!

Had a great time and even checked out a knitting store, never did get the name of it, but it was just a block or two from Jackson Square in the French Quarter.

I went twice, once alone, once with my friend Claire, and both times the place was busy with people learning to knit.

They specialized in a lot of fancy, novelty yarns. One of particular note was raw silk from India. Apparantly it was leftover ends from saris mashed together, very dense but very silk feeling.

$45 a skein!

I should have but I didn't.....could not think of anything to knit from it. It was very pretty, but multi-colored which does not always appeal to me.

Do you really think you have to take responsibility for everything? As you read this, a tsetse fly is going off course somewhere in Africa and someone has a flat tire in Alaska. There's nothing you can do, so why not stick to yourknittinginstead?

That was our horoscope for the Page a Day Virgo horoscope for November 4.

I loved the Alaska reference and of course the knitting!

Got going on Leif's hat again,so need to get crusing on that........later


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