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Monday, September 01, 2003

WHINE, whine, whine..........
Oh how I wish I were more computer savvy........It has taken me a month to figure out how to get back here, it is all complicated by the fact that my husband works for a communications company, whose communications are not that compatible with everything. It seemed insurmountable, but I think I have eeked my way around it.

That Baby Sweater
on to the important stuff, knitting. I am dying to get my big cable done, perhaps when this little pink sweater is complete! So remember that shocking pink baby sweater I started back in, of February?

How awful when the new mom has to ask me about it. So I now have all the pieces done, now to stitch it together. I will never knit with that Lions Pride Polarstuff yarn again, it feels like I'm knitting with plastic, yecch. And of course, I think I may not have enough.

Will have to improvise on the finishing. I may have to forget about the neck band, or scrounge around at Michaels for the right color. They have something similar at the knitting frenzy, but will have to see........

I need to get going on one of my Christmas presents. I am going to make the Knitting slippers this year, the ones where you knit them and then felt them. I have a bunch of colors, so have to get going. I can't believe it is only September and I am thinking about it.......much better than last year!

So for my birthday, I received another gift certificate to the Frenzy. I shouldn't complain, but all I received were gift certificates. It is not as much fun as receiving an actual gift that someone took the time to pick out for me. Think I'll save the KF one for the big sale, maybe...

I also ordered a couple of those cute knit sitckers from knitty.
One for my water bottle, and a birthday gift along with the knitting diary.
Go to Knitty href=knitty "


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