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Sunday, May 04, 2003

Things are meant to happen......

This morning was our monthly knitting group get together. We had decided to meet once a month and then managed to change the location. I showed up at the new place, Title Wave's Kaladi Brothers, meanwhile Jere and Kathy showed up at the old Bagel Factory.

I new I wasn't totally mixed up because Anne sent Marilyn to meet me, since she ended up going to the cabin. Marilyn didn't bring any knitting, but we had fun talking. Then it turned out the Jere and Kathy had fun getting to know each other too. Perhaps in June we can all try this again, but here's to new friends......

I finally got my needle and have been casting on for Leif's hat. I am hoping to take it on the plane with me, but will take along a self addressed envelope just in case. Thanks to Marilyn for the suggestion. I finally got my first row re-knit today - nothing worse than screwing up on the very first row!!!!!

I will not be checking in next week, unless I find myself a cyber cafe in New York City to log in - hoping to find some cool knitting shops on our travels.

Cheers til then, Lori.


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