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Saturday, May 17, 2003

How last headline

We took a week and went to D.C. - I had some meetings, Rick ran the kids to almost every memorial and landmark in town, and then took the trail to NYC.

New York was really a blast, we enjoyed walking around the city. I never did find any knitting stores, we took the subway down to Battery Park so we could check out the Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry (foggy and faint) then started uptown and by Ground Zero, then into Greenwich Village, and got really twisted around. I should have written down the addresses - I was headed for Purl in Chelsea, but got all twisted around. I don't know the landmarks well enough to realize which direction was which.

Our trip was expanded to include an ambulance ride through Central Park to a hospital on the upper East Side when my son broke his arm - from doing what else? jumping on the hotel room beds......!!!!!!arghhh

It was out last night of the vacation, we got him patched up (8 hours later) and as a result I have much more respect for our local hospital. Since he broke the same arm last year, I feel I can offer a quality comparison basis - at Providence Alaska it took less than half an hour for pain medications and blankets, in NYC it took over 5 hours and I had to request the blankets! Yikes.

So when we got back, both Rick and I felt so depressed, the whole incident overtook all the fun we had on our trip. And we are both a little ticked off with our precocious 9 year old.

So I went shopping!

I called Jere and told her I desperately needed an attitude adjustment and it was time for the bulky lopi sweater that we have been eyeing since last year. I had bought the book last spring, lopi no. 23 , design #1, after I saw it made up in the store, a fuzzy white sweater, with big fat cables up the front.

I bought the off-white and Jere is going to try and find some of the lime green Bulky Brown Sheep, since there is none in town, and none forthcoming. They are concentrating on the summer stuff right now. Anne's daughter, Heather, had bought a couple of skeins of that lime green at the after Christmas sale. I saw one web site selling it, so hopefully Jere can find it on sale, maybe?

So I pulled out my gift wedding anniversary certificate from my wonderful husband (suggested by my too good daughter) and bought the goods.

Now to start the gauge, I have something to keep my hands from strangling that little darling son of mine........

So, what about a Knit-Out?

I read in the Spring/Summer Vogue Knitting about a Knit-Out & Crochet Too that happens every year in NY and LA and more and more places. It is sponsored by the Craft Yarn Council of America (CYCA) and they had 50,000 participants last year. I think that would be wild for Anchorage. I am going to check out the web page and see if it looks do-able.

Any helpers out there???????I will keep you posted.


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