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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Aha, finally I get on to blogger. It feels like weeks, and it has been, the knitring reminded me.... Okay, enough of that. I am still working, albeit very slowly on the big chunky cable sweater. My saving grace is that I know Jere, who is in Hawaii, is probably not knitting.

The front is nearly done, and it is really cool looking, in fact there were a couple of nights at my daughter's soccer game that I was wishing I could wear it, it was so cold......summer in Alaska is not always warm, and this last week it has been over 70 degrees - yikes.

We went to the Forest Fair this weekend, my husband had a booth and was selling his artwork - as well there were quite a few knitters selling things. One booth had those lovely socks that knit their own pattern - she was so sweet and offered to help me with mine, but I had not brought them with.

It really is time to get in gear, I have a hat for Leif, my sweater, another pink sweater and a scarf as well as that dang Alice Starmore to finish, gotta knit, gotta love it.....later LOve L


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