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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Shawl/Sursa is the name....

from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's cool book

So I got some gorgeous Noro Silk Garden at the Frenzie's knitting sale, it is a greysih that transforms to pinks and purples. Its knitted from one stitch up to a whole bunch and then back down again to one stitch to knit this giant triangle. I think I have gone too long though because I am just about out of wool.

The directions were to knit to the middle of the third ball and then start decreasing. Oh well. If there is no more yarn its time to rip I guess. I may need more of the purple ruffle to knit on too........later...

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Oh no, the knitblog cops caught me with my blog in a knot!!!! gotta fix it.
I have been diligently working on Leif's winter hat, at least it will be ready for this Christmas, almost up to the decreases.

And I am still pateiently waiting for the shawl yarn.........later

Saturday, July 17, 2004

I finally ordered the yarn for the shawl - Helen's Lace, it says it is 20 stitches per 4" so perhaps it is not as fine as I had thought.  We shall see, now on to some of those other projects

......maybe finish the sweater, just needs a neck - Leif's hat just needs a top.  I am hoping to have the shawl started for my trip to Minneapolis at the end of August, should be fun!

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Okay, so that shawl I was thinking about.

How to decide the weight the color? perplexing

I wish I were more like my daughter, she is only 12 and she can just decide immediately on the color or style of something, of course she has no money, so the thought of buying as many of or as much as she wants does not phase her. Perhaps I will ask her.

I had decided to make a shawl, even bought the Folk Shawls book. But could not find the yarn anywhere. So I made a trek down to Knitting Frenzy, and Sandy mentioned that there were a lot of mistakes in the book. Hmmmm, since I have never knitted anything like this I really do not want mistakes. So I found another pattern. It was actually one I had been admiring in the Woolens catalog anyways - it is a Fiber Trends pattern for the River Shawl. Looks pretty in blue.

Then we got to talking about yarn, and Sandy said she would not even touch lace weight yarn, and she showed me something similar, since she does not even carry it. yikes was it fine!!!!! So I guess I have answered it for myself, I will find something and knit it heavier, but color!!!! She had a cool pink cashmere blend, but it would cost over $ I don't want to look like I am wearing a baby blanket......Zoya, wake up!!!!!

Sunday, July 04, 2004

OOOOeeeuuuwww - I am so excited, I figured out how to add a counter, and 4 people have actually looked at my web site.

Went to the Girdwood (Alaska) Forest Fair today. Always a fun hippie type place to go. My favorite potter, Romney Dodd was not there, she has probably outgrown the fair, her works are gorgeous.

At another booth, a young woman had some lovely hanks of natural wool for salewanted $30 each, too bad my family was not in the mood for me to bargain or chat. Acutally, I would have asked more questions, but when I walked up there was a young girl at the stall and a young man came up at the same time, we both said hi, but she only had eyes for him......oh well, love is young, she needed a man more than a sale. It was kind of cute.

There were at least 4 booths with scarves - a very thin, 3" wide scarf, knit with 2 strands, a soft novely yarn and a gold one (my daughter was admiring) $30. I also meant to mention that at the museum the other day I saw some of the webby novelty yarn scarves I have been knitting, they were exactly the same and priced at $65!!!!!

I think I shall knit Rick's cousin Elin, in Norway, a scarf for Christmas. I think she would like it.

Happy 4th!

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Knitting a shawl....So I got the idea to knit a shawl, probably because I always end up freezing - between Alaskan weather and air conditioning. I saw a pattern in Interweave knits, looks a tad complicated though. So I bought Folk Shawls.

Found two I really liked - the kimono scarf and the Thai scarf, problem is I have looked at at least 30 web yarn stores and cannot find any of the yarn.....arghhhhh, will have to try Tuesday when its not a holiday.

Happy 4th. be safe.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Knitting at the soccer field....

Since I am coaching my daughter's team I end up all stressed out and practically brain dead at my son's game, so knitting has been great - last night the end of my ball was blowing in the wind (we really have to bundle up for Alaskan summer soccer) and someone asked me if I would be done with the sweater at the end of the strand, the answer is YES! Between jury duty yesterday a.m. and then soccer I am doing the final ribbing on the sweater. Then the neck and I am done!!!

will try again for a photo.