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Sunday, August 03, 2003

knitting Sunday get together

Anne and Heather were first to show up - Heather had crafted a very cool book satchel from double stranding Brown Sheep wool and felting. I think this is going to generate a lot of interest back at school this fall. She said the shoulder strap was down to her knees before it was felted - Mom took photos so hopefully we could see this someday.

Anne had finished her Alice Starmore Sand Dance, stunning! A beautiful maroon with deep teal on the trim and knit as a cropped version. Puts us all to shame!

Kathy was on the last sleeve of the yarn she dyed at our Color Creek outing, very clever to be knitting the whole sweater as one.

Marilyn came with a friend Emily, from Portland, and that rounded out the group.

Jere chose to sleep in

and as usual I screwed up again and dropped all the stiches off the scarf I am knitting for my friend, and hairdresser Wendy, blast it. Since I got there early to grab a table before the 'other' knitting group arrived, I spent the time waiting ripping out the front of my giant cable hoo. no wonder I'm in a touchy mood!

and Kathy tells me she has not been able to get on to my blog at all for the last month or so, so I am blogging to no-one???????hmmmmmmmmmm. Later...


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