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Sunday, June 08, 2003

Wow - the blog has been down, and I have been attempting to log on for awhile. So, I spent some time looking at other blogs,,,,,and lo and behold, there is another Knitwit - she posts a lot more often than I. She also has some cool photos on her background. I need a week off just to play with my web format......hmmmmmm......cheers to knitwit!

I have the front done on my giant cable alpaca. Jere and I met the Friday for lunch and compared. She is up to her second cable on the wild green color. The differences - the bulky lopi is very soft and fuzzy, the green is not. The green looks like a Gap creation, pretty cool. It is going to look really nice on her.

Jere and I have this on-going thing about how to tell the right side, somehow my sock is being knit with the right side in. Not that it matters, I think its just me, I get them all backwards. Jere learned from Anne how to tell the right side of a cast on, and of course my bulky cable is being knit on the wrong side. oops!

I am also working on a Berocco mosaic scarf. It is for Wendy, a mom of one of my cub scouts, who now colors my hair. The last time I was in I had brought in the scarf I was working on for Gail, made of that same kind of stuff in blues and purples, looks like a little ladder, with sheeny embroidery type slats, and knits up really pretty like ribbons. So I got colors that will look great on Wendy, pinks, orangey and brownish, very pretty. She has reddy-orangey hair and likes to wear pinks and oranges (she looks great by the way) so I will take it in on Friday and see if she likes it, then surprise her by telling her I am making it for her. I had it with me at Zoya's soccer practice the other night and the other moms were all asking how to do it.

Easy Recipe for a Cool Scarf

2 balls

#10 needles

Cast on 20-25 stitches, depending on how wide you want it and knit!

I am hoping to get a soccer mom's knitting group going. I made them beg to tell me where the yarn store is and we shall see what they show up with.

Encampment this week! This is where all the Girl Scouts in Alaska, and other places, meet at the Palmer Fairgrounds and hang out and do fun classes and girl stuff for 3 days. Anne is doing a knitting class, wish I could come help, but turns out I have to hang in town so Leif can get his cast replaced.......a momentous event, small boys and drills on arms is traumatic. I can't leave his Dad alone to deal with it. (The Dr. even gave us some valium for Leif so he will be a little calmer - wish he'd given Rick and I some as well) So I will be very sad to miss Anne's knitting class.

Anne did mention she may need folks to walk around with knitting bags and help people with their knitting, I am looking forward to that.

Later, L


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