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Friday, September 05, 2003

Its a new day and we are hooked up to the laptop. not without a lot of trials and errors. Turns out our computer had so many bugs, and was not letting us log on to certain sites, they kept coming up restricted, like blogger and Nordstrom - the nerve!!! What kind of sick person made up that worm????

I finally finished that little pink sweater,well except for the buttons - will get those tomorrow so I can show it off at the Knitting Group on Sunday!!! - 9 a.m. Title Wave Books!!!!I will make sure I take a photo, but not sure how to load it into the laptop, will try though.

I also finished Wendy's scarf and will take that to her tomorrow - I am getting colored, so that will be my tip for tomorrow. Rick thought it looked pretty cool.

Now on to that big cable sweater, can't wait to get that done. I want to wear it.

Also, just got my knitting classes, not sure about that, Mary Kaye is offering a gansey - I am tempted, will see what Jere thinks on Sunday.

A woman at my office is thinking of opening a knitting store in Wasilla, I am jealous!!!! L


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