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Saturday, March 29, 2003

Hello all - boy I took the week off and blitzed on my alpaca sweater. Got that last sleeve done, man it seemed to take forever, but sewed it all together yesterday.

I do have to admit, the Yarn Girls gave great instructions, I always kind of smashed the parts together, but they had great pictures - I thrive on pictures.

Met Jere for lunch on Tuesday, and tried to get a photo of what she had done so far, and no battery, dang.

So, will need to get it all together next Sunday and then Jere will have more knit, and I can then see what Anne and Kathy have produced with their projects,,,,,do you think I could knit a pair of mittens in my greeny/yellow yarn? hmmmm......

Anyways, back to the alpaca. I concocted a rolled type neckline (I do have a great J. Crew sweater and love the neckline) but of course I bound off too tight - argghhh - and couldn't get the @#$%neck over my head.

today I ripped out the lovely roll neck and am working on the instructions given in the pattern. Hopefully will be done tomorrow.........

Ah but I am learning.....

Thanks to Rebecca who is going to email me the corrections from the Yarn Girls Book, should be cool. I will try and visit their shop when I visit New York this spring, yeah.....tomorrow. L


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