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Friday, March 07, 2003


I have run out of yarn.

I thought I bought enough (classic line) but the hood is just 5" too short!

So here are my choices;

block and stretch the hood to be the correct length

knit on a new ball with a different dye lot

ignore it and have a teeny little hood


I think I will go and bye another color and cry.

But there is good news...

I am also going to buy some yarn for socks, which I have never made socks before, and interweave knits has a cool pattern....because tomorrow night we are going to dye yarn and whatever else we can think of I am going to take my yarn a white shirt, and a bottle of wine, and this should be a real treat. I thank Kathy for setting it all up

I will take my camera and post some photos on Sunday.....later....


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