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Saturday, March 01, 2003

but getting closer

Finished the front, it had a wierd V neck, Jere looked at it and gave me a tip to put it on a needle holder, but it stretched out a little.

I am finally on the hood, and I am holding my breath, because I am on my last ball of yarn and the dye lots at the store are all different and the color changes are very different.

Sandi told me that the Lamb's Pride is notorious for that.....So I will hope I can finish the hood and then put it together.

Soon I hope!!!!

Had an interesting group at work this week, we had a knitting lunch. Kendra put it together, she is crocheting an afghan, and has been for the last 3 or 4 years - it is huge!

Kristiann is knitting baby fruit hats, she had just finished an adorable strawberry and is now starting a pumpkin. Her sister is having a baby this fall. She plans to embroider black lines on the front to give it that pumpkin texture. She spied my Knitting Girlsbook and decided to make a poncho next as her next project.

Kristina is knitting a hat - I admire her for changing a pattern and knitting in the round on a first project. Pretty creative.

This was a fun time and I look forward to next week....Kendra had decided to put aside the afghan and learn to knit......


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