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Sunday, January 26, 2003

The light bulb is slowly getting brighter!
Okay, I am officially part of the ring, and was thrilled to note that I was right before Joe what an honor. He has a great looking web page and he is an awesome knitter. I enjoyed his homage to blogs yesterday and realized - oh good - stealing html has been done. I have been struggling with getting the knitting bloggers logo on there and he has helped me out.

My husband sprung for a new digital camera yesterday on our trip to Costco, what a sweetie. We were originally going for a car battery, because his car wouldn't start. He said its for me to take pictures of his art to put it on ebay, but I know he was thinking of my little blog here. Now, to to load some of these pictures of my knitting before we head off to Superbowl parties. We are invited to 4, count em four. I do not even like football, but will take along the knitting. I was thinking we could run to each one and say we were expected at another and them just come home and do our own thing......evil, eh?


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