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Saturday, February 15, 2003

I'm knitting as fast as I can.....

But this hoody sweater is sooooooo boring to knit. I am almost done with the second arm (thank goodness I did not give birth to a three armed child) then time to tackle the front - Zoya is not acting too impatient......

Got a chance to help a friend at work yesterday with her knitting. I was where she was at not too long ago. Jennifer is knitting her first sweater, a Lopi cardigan in a soft grey/tan with green and purple. It will be very pretty with her blonde hair. She is taking a course at the knitting frenzy (they do not have a web page yet so can't link you).

Got to help her check her gauge - she brought it in to the office, she had the day off, so I helped her measure. We surprised a few of the other engineers who just were not sure what to think.

I also showed her the continental stitch. Man, she was fast, and was flying with it right away. It took me forever to get my hands moving correctly! I remember my mother-in-law looking at me knit and asking me just what was I doing? She's from Norway where they don't throw they pick. So she helped me out and I am so glad of that. Thanks again Evelyn - not that she will ever read this, she does not have a computer.....

Military knitting

Jennifer told me that when she was working on her gauge the night before, her boyfriend Greg asked what she was doing and wanted to try it. Now Greg is a mechanic with the air force. Apparantly he really enjoyed the knitting and has visions of creating an afghan (oh now there is a pun!!!)

I really don't think he was joking because he commented on how addicting this was and that if the guys at work could see him now.Will have to help him get some patterns.....You go Greg!


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