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Saturday, February 01, 2003

Techno Teal - built structures influence knitting....Campbell Creek Trail, Anchorage Alaska

So I have a job that can be pretty fun, because sometimes I get to do things like choose what projects will look like, with benches, trash cans, trees and even bridges. One of the bridges is over 300' long, cool eh?

So, the engineers that were working on the pedestrian trail bridges thought I was nuts when I said I wanted the bridge to be a color, not just that rusted out metal look. They kept ignoring me (I'm sure hoping I would forget) and when the final drawings came in for approval, voila, along came some color chips to choose from.

The first bridge we did, actually more of a handrail, was a little washed out in color, and so on the next bridges, we went a little darker in shade. Techno teal is the color. (If you click on engineers that will take you to their web site and they have a photo of their whole firm at the larger bridge - you can see the color really well there).

This photo was taken the other day at noon, note the low Alaskan sun angle. We are slowly creeping up in daylight hours.

The yarn balanced on the handrail is for those knitty fuzzy feet I spoke of earlier - their teal has a different name, but it works for me. Cheers til tomorrow!


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