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Saturday, February 07, 2004

I need more time to knit....I feel slumped and stumped. Life has taken over. Helping with models for school, Girl Scout campouts, Junior Nordic, Cub Scouts, meetings for work.......argggggh

Maybe next week.

I am getting close to doing the neck decreases on my sweater, and I think part of it too is I want it to come out right, so I can't blindly knit, I need to concentrate. I have my fingers crossed.

I just saw the movie Lost in Translation last night, and the main character in the movie wrapped a long scarf around her neck, a really long scarf and asked her husband if it was dumb. Then I noticed there were still knitting needles on the end of it. She is accompanying her husband on a work trip to Tokyo and he is off working and photographing a band and having movie stars flirt with him, and although she is a Yale graduate, on this trip she is a tag along and really has nothing to she is knitting, although you never see her actually knit. We must surmise she has been knitting this scarf for awhile, since she admits she still does not have a job. It was interesting. I should look for the movie credits for the scarf......


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