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Monday, November 17, 2003

It is sooooo cold, definitely cold enough to knit......

I discovered a new knitter the other day, the Municipal Traffic Engineer (don't you love titles, here in America we don't have nobility, we go by skills). I am not even sure how it came up, but we were sitting waiting for a meeting to start, and I must have said something about knitting. Oh I know, we were talking about traffic lights, and what we see people do at them, (so what else do you talk to the Traffic Engineer about. I mentioned that I have been known to knit at traffic lights (I won't tell you what she does) and she ran out of the room and came back with a baby gift bag and a darling little baby afghan.

She, Glenda, told me, later of course, that she typically knits with two strands, one variegated and the other plain, that evens out the appearance.

I have to agree, sometimes the variegated is just too much for me, its overpowering.

The afghan was done in an alternating rib of squares. Very cool.

She also showed me the lap blankets she was making for her parents. Interseting, alternating patterns of stitching. The one I saw was a combo of denim blue knit with a variegated blue.

Later dropped in on the lunch crowd. Missed it because I got taken for a nice hot lunch by my husband.(dang its cold, I needed hot sustenance)

Kendra is blasting away on a crocheted baby blanket, in pinks, and this after she has crafted a little baby outfit.

Terry has a strawberry pink skull cap going and Kristiann is knitting a remarkably soft sweater for her niece. Her first sweater and gorgeous.

More after this Thursday, I am meeting Jere for lunch. I know she is racing ahead of me on her wild green cable. I was going to get mine out last night, but both kids wanted to cuddle. I have both sleeves on one needle, she liked that idea, but somehow (surprise, surprise) I have goofed and one row is ahead of the other.

Trust me, if there is a way to mess it up, I can do it.

You know sometimes, I walk around thinking, I just have to get on my blog and just blog, and I think what am I going to rattle on about, that is how I felt today.....somehow it just flows out of me.......Later, L


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