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Saturday, December 27, 2003

Yikes! Its been a busy Christmas week!

No knitting presents, except the subscription I bought myself to Rowan. It came with a pillow pattern which I have not really examined but put under the tree.

and, ta da, I am about to do the three needle cast off to join the front and back of my giant cable sweater!

Called Jere yesterday, just to check how she did hers. Sounds like the way to go. I think when I ripped out a couple of inches on the front, since I forgot to decrease for the underarms, that I mistankenly made my cable just a little too long, oops. It only looks off it is lays flat, I may have to twist it a bit manually and add a stay stitch to the back.

okay, so its not rocket science, I can make it work!

Still have not figured out a neck, but it is probably safer to just do as the pattern suggests, so there is less chance of goofing up.


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