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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Wowie! People do read this. I am not just waxing to blank airwaves.....

Thank you indigirl and deb for leaving a note

I am hot on the trail of Fleece Artist. email me at if you can suggest a source.

My sleeves for the giant cable are speeding ahead. I have about 1.5 inches to go, then I get to start the front over again. Yippee! I think Jere is going to beat me on hers, she has the front and back done and is thinking about her sleeves. I promise to add a photo of us wearing them, soon I hope. I do not think I will make my Christmas deadline, there are still cookies to be baked.

Jere and I had planned a cookie baking day on Tuesday the 16th. We do this every year, one of us hauls a bunch of cookie sheets over to the other's house and we spend the day blitzing on baking and having a glass of wine or two. In fact when we remodeled, I put in a double oven just to make this process easier. But this year we are both slammed with too much to do, what we really need to make is another day!

I was planning to take Christmas week off, but my Coastal Trail project, the skateboard park and Delaney Park are all making a lot of noise, so I will be dashing back and forth to work, I can see it now.....

I did sit down and start to figure out my cookies list - Shortbread (of course, can't live without it), Walnut Crescents (last year was snowballs, I need to alternate) Butter Tarts (but I can't find Mum's recipe anywhere, so I have emailed my sister - I hope she responds. She moved a couple of years ago and didn't send me a forwarding address), Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls (kids love these), Nanaimo Bars, and I am thinking of trying a couple of new ones that I found in the Sunset Cookie book, coconut macaroons, Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies , and one recipe from Gourmet magazine, Chocolate Sugar Cookies rolled in pistachio nuts, mmmmmm.

Please let me know if you would like any recipes.

Last year I also made Wendy's recipe for Pepparkakor (see Where the Hell are my Pepparkakor, Dec. 20, 2002), very very yummy, but I had a heck of a time figuring out the measurements from Halfdan's homepage. So this year I searched the web and found a similar Land of Lakes recipe. Will try that.

I got a fun surprise the other night, one of the cub scout moms showed up at our meeting with a ball of yarn and a mess of needles wanting me to teach her to knit. Unfortunately, that evening I was helping Darrell our Webelos Leader finish up the engineering badge, I taught them how to measure the art room at school and draw up a plan - they all had fun figuring that out on graph paper. So, I couldn't spend the whole night helping Wendy.

This Wendy is also my hairdresser, so she always sees me knitting when I come in to get my hair colored. I also knit her a really cool novelty ladder scarf, size 12 needles, turned out cool.

But, I was in Friday for a color job and brought her some photocopied instructions, and it sounds like she is plowing ahead! So cool.

gotta go search the web for Fleece Artist. thanks again. L


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