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Monday, September 29, 2003

PFD alert!PFD alert!

The Anchorage Daily News latest PFD publication, that's Permanent Fund Dividend for you non-Alaskans, this year $1100, has a 10% off coupon to Knitting Frenzy - hey its better than nothing!

I have been so immersed in cub scout stuff I have not knit. not knit, Thursday lunch is my work buddies get-together and Sunday is the other gang. Looking forward to getting coordinated, lets see, the cable or the hat?????

Ohand Yikes!

Someone actually read my web and posted comments, and called their mother! thank you, that is so cool.

You know once on my birthday I felt my dad urging me to have a glass of Crown Royal (his favorite little nip) and so I did, but that's not quite the same as knitting advice from your mom.

Actually, I started to knit when I was a kid, but my mother would always rip out and correct my mistakes, so it was like I didn't really knit it, she was sooooo fast - even though I found out later there is a much faster way to knit, dang, I am going to have to look up which way is continental okay, lets just say Mom was a thrower, and my mother-in-law taught me how to pick, much faster, those Norwegians are!

anyways, I didn't actually knit anything of my own until I left home. I just had this hankering to knit a lopi - so I got the yarn and knit all the way from St. Paul to Red Lodge Montana and wore the sweater skiing.

ah those were the days, all cramped up on a milk carton squished into a VW bus.

So, a new knitting store you say Kathy, hmmmmmmmmmmm

I have to be at the Bear Tooth for lunch on Wednesday with a bunch of architects (not that there is anything wrong with architects-its more fun to be an observer of them)so I will check it out. thanks so much, I will report back later! byee


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