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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Gotta knit - I think I am going insane.

Work is toooooo hectic and I am being faced with projects gone wild. I am considering handing over a couple of projects to someone else, for my own sanity. I can't do it all, and I realized last night, I need to knit, that is something that helps keep my happy and centered.

I just got my new Vogue knitting in the mail, so that sort of helped, but I still felt like a failure.....

So, I pulled out a book I had bought before the trip, but had not had a chance to read, Stich'nBitch, by Debbie Stoller. What a fun read. She has some very awesome patterns for cool hats, bags, backpacks and sweaters and even a profile of each of the designers. (Although this still made me feel a touch inadequate and failureish) But, it at least got me to the web page today, and I may just pull out that new scarf yarn I got in Norway, so I can be a "Get your Freak On" knitter - here is Debbie's whole definition, she says it so well, "Throwing away their knitting magazines and relieving themselves of the shackles of a pattern these knitters, also known as artsy-fartsy knitters, like to grab some yarn, grab some needles, and just make something up. Many of them are so busy expressing themselves that they can't be bothers with knitting rules or techniques. The sweaters they make are one-of-a-kind, gorgeous concoctive, though you might not be able to get your head through the collar."

She also classes other knitters as: "hurts so good" knitters - knit to make things from magazines, not necessarily to wear

"She's Gotta Have It" Knitters - knit to wear, sometimes doing boring things

Old-School Knitters - use antiquated patterns and often acrylic yarn, abhor anything hipster. Use aluminum knitting needles from craft stores and leftover yarns. Love afghans and baby hats.

Dilettante Knitters - just learned how to knit last week. Throw a lot of money on yarn for projects then get bored.

Holier-than-thou Knitters - the snobs of the knitting world, they turn up their noses at trends and prefer those times when knitting has fallen out of fashion.

the book is a treat, I would recommend it.



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