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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Gotta Knit!Gotta Knit!!!!

Life is happening so fast, school, cub scouts, 6th grade, work! yikes. Sometimes I wish I lived in the big city so I could commute and knit along the way, but knowing me I'd be dropping needles under the subway......

Jere is back in the knitting mode, she picked up her big cable and is zooming along.

If I could just capture a moment to get started, I think my big cable is all together in my big round basket.

I have tried to package all my projects so that they are all together, especially when I get going with my little cheat sheets of counting instructions. But then I end up with this odd assortment of baskets and tote bags, my knitting is now worse than the kids' toys, all over the side of the living room.

But counting, I am so bad at recounting, I noticed with that intricate Alice Starmore (yes Catherine Parr is still not done) I have a very difficult time counting and until I pick up the pattern I sweat it out.

So I end up reading the instructions, then make myself a little chart for every row, which I then proceed to check each row off as I go.

If I remember!

How I miss my mother. It seems like now I could find all these things to talk to her about.

Like, how did you count rows? I remember you had that little thing at the end of your needle, you would click that over to count.

I also remember that zip-up curling sweater-You know the white one with all the little patterns on it that you made up? The brooms, the stones?

(This is kind of a Canadian sport, some of you I know have no idea what I am talking about)

The one that you knitted all the way to Florida that year? - she would do that, knit a sweater all the way from Brampton Ontario to Fort Lauderdale in the carNow that I get nervous in the car, I do that too, especially driving down to Turnagain Arm, I sneak a peak at the scenery now and then, but some of those other drivers freak me out!

I think its a mom thing.

Kate, a friend from University (of Guelph) used to be one of those fearless people, she was a couple of years ahead in school and would just do anything. Later I came to work with her in the same firm in Vancouver, and she was a Mom by then, and anything would freak her out with driving, traffic, once it snowed and we had Kate convinced to leave early so she could make it home okay. Now I understand, Kate!

Anyways, my point was I wish I could talk knitting with my mother, who is gone.

If anyone is reading this and their mother is still alive, please call and chat with her for me.

I know she used little counters, but I never remember her doing little cheat sheets, she kept it all in her head.

gotta get rolling, catch you later. Love to you and your Moms!


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